How to log your student into Seesaw

Last modified on 04/27/2020

Instructions in how to connect students accounts to Seesaw

Each day you use Seesaw you should do the following:

  1. Log in to the TTSD Web Filter
  2. Log in to Clever
  3. Open Seesaw through clever.

These steps are described in detail below along with some additional steps you will only need to do the first time you use Seesaw.


1. On the student's iPad, tap the "TTSD Web Filter"


2. This will redirect you to the Network Filter Authentication page. Enter your TTSD username (example: 28engstromd) and password (example: D123456e). 

TTSD web filter page with username and password prompts.


successful filter login page with a message that reads, "Thanks for using the TTSD web filter"
After logging in.


3. Press the home button on your iPad and then tap the Clever icon.

Clever app icon

4. Tap "log in with Google" Note: you may need to do this again on the next screen.

log in with google prompt.


5. On the Clever landing page, open Seesaw and select "I'm a Student." You should only have to indicate you are a student the first time you use Seesaw.


6. The first time you access Seesaw, allow notifications. Select Notify Me and then you are set up.



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